How The Right Content Can
Lead To High
Rankings on SERPs

If your website has the right content and keywords that surfers are looking for then your site will be served up as a SERP (search engine results page).

Every time your site is delivered in response to a query, it is like you are getting a credibility check from Google and the other SEs.

The more pertinent and relevant your content and keywords are the higher your page rankings and organic listing will be on the SERPs.

Your ultimate goal with online advertising is to appear organically on the SERPs of as many SEs as possible. With a presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK etc it does not matter which browser someone uses for a search query – your SERP will be served.


When developing a search engine friendly site choosing the right keywords is important.

Identify the keywords and phrases that are most relevant and popular with your target audience and then use them in your content.

Search engines index a tremendous number of websites. To generate a meaningful amount of affordable SEM traffic to your site you need to be listed within the first three pages of the search results.

Achieving this for a one-word search is almost impossible since you will just be one of thousands of sites vying for those top positions, using that keyword.

You should focus on two, three, or four keyword phrases rather than individual words.

Achieving a top-10 position for a search phrase such as “best cruise ships for singles” is a more attainable goal than gaining the equivalent position for “best cruise ship” - and it will yield traffic that is more qualified.

The Google bots and spyders will find and index a page that leads off with “Jazz Musicians of the 50’s”, and has relevant text on the topic of “50’s Jazz Musicians” much quicker than a page that displays “Jazz Musicians of the 50’s” in the last paragraph only.

Every page has a unique layout that should be fine-tuned. Do not try to cram every keyword and phrase imaginable onto your home page. Instead, make each page of your site unique for its topic and you will see the traffic will flow. Which

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