Network Advertising

The most cost effective way to use SEM advertising is to have your product or service featured on networks such as .

One of the great things about advertising on these networks is that your listings will be pushed out onto their network of websites for less than a penny per site!

Your ad could be shown on a variety of sites like, YouTube, Facebook,, and the just to name a few.

Placing the ad yourself would not only be time consuming, it would also cost you a fortune in time and money since you would have to negotiate a price with each site. Just thinking about such a task is making me dizzy!


Some network directories have features such as Re-posting and Sponsor Ads. Re-posting is a great, often overlooked feature, that automatically refreshes your online text ad and pushes it back to the top of the page every few days.

While you are setting up your ad, another 20-30 ads are being posted, pushing your ad down to the bottom of the page before you even close the browser!

This is why re-posting is such a great feature, every few days your ad is automatically refreshed and re-posted back to the top of the page to be seen by all the new viewers coming to the site. Imagine if you had to do this manually to all your network ads.

You can re-post your ad for as low as 25 cents in some categories. For some reason this is a very over-looked feature that can definitely make a difference in the response to your online ad.

Keep in mind that most surfers are not going to view more than the first 10-15 ads, if that many. With re-posting you can be assured that your ad will be seen by fresh eyes numerous times throughout the day.

Sponsor Ads

Another great feature of advertising networks is the option to place Sponsor Ads. This option actually lets you set your ad apart from the other online text ads.

Your ad will run across the top of the page or on the side of the page. The ad can include mini images to give your customer a small peek at your products.

Sponsor ads rotate every hour or so – so everyone gets a chance to be on top. Research shows that surfers usually scan these ads first. Again, for an extremely small fee (sometimes less than $5.00) you can stand out from the crowd. Take advantage of this option if it is available.

Should I Advertise On Networks?

YES, the more search engines you can advertise on the better. The more search engines you are on, the more traffic and links you will attract to your site.

Keep in mind, if you were planning a traditional advertising campaign, you would place ads in more than one publication, on more than one radio and TV station.

Think of online advertising the same way, the more networks and directories you are on the better chance you have of having your listing served up as a SERP.

Advertising networks allow you to advertise on the unsold or under sold online inventory that is available. You are able to target and reach large audiences when you advertise on this way since most networks buy their inventory in bulk and pass the savings onto you.

Actually, these networks are one of the best-kept secrets of online advertising. Where else can you advertise on thousands of websites for less than a penny per site? Rather than paying a high CPM to be on 1 website find a network that targets your audience and includes that particular website in their inventory.

Please share with us your experiences with using online advertising networks.

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