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I am sure most of you have heard or have seen the initials SEO and wondered what it means and why it is important to you and your website.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way to improve the traffic your site receives from the SEs (Search Engnes).

Optimization makes your site more open and accessible to being indexed by the Google bots and other search engine bots and spyders.

When a surfer enters a query in the browser, it is the SEs job to return a SERP (Search Engine Results page) that best answers the query.

When your site is optimized with the right keyword phrases and content it is easier for the search engines to find and serve up your site in response to these specific queries.

Whether you have a product to sell or a story to tell, you will want to reach the right audience. You will also want to generate the most traffic possible to your site.

If you are not generating enough traffic try adding some Affordable SEM and SEO tactics to turn things around.

Optimizing can definitely help you to target your message to the right audience. Add in a little SEO and online marketing to bring your targeted audience right to you!


Optimize And Advertise

Even though Google has over 70% of the market, there are other search engines (BING, Yahoo, Dogpile, etc) out there can also help generate and increase traffic to your website.

You just need to have your site optimized, which you can do with the proper use of keywords, keyword phrases and relevant content.

You can also advertise on online networks like

Because Backpage is a directory with lots of content when you have an ad listed on their site the traffic from backpage can increase the traffic to your site.

The Web Never Sleeps and

Neither Should Your Site

Since the web never sleeps and the SEs are always changing their algorithms you will have to tweak and optimize your site periodically.

Never think of your site as done it is not, it will always be a work in progress.

Remember, optimizing your site does not have to be expensive. Time consuming yes, but not expensive.

A Good Search Engine Optimization

Strategy Should Include:

• Targeted keyword research

• Content based on keyword phrases

• Visitor friendly navigation and content

• SE friendly website design

• Good website response times

• Ability to track website activity

Having good Search Engine placement is only the first objective. A good SERP Ranking will result in increased website traffic.

In addition, the more targeted the traffic, the more chances you have of converting those visitors into clients.

Share with us what types of search engine optimization you have done to your site and which products you have used and your experiences with them.

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