What Is Search
Engine Marketing - SEM

Search Engine Marketing is the marketing of your website on the various search engines (SEs) like Google, Yahoo, ASK, Bing etc.

The Google bots and spyders analyze and index thousands of sites so that when a surfer enters a query in their browser they get back the relevant information they are seeking.

The usage of the right keywords in your content, internal and external links and Social Media Marketing on sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc all help with the search engine marketing of your website.

You can choose to optimize your site so it will show up organically on the search engines or you can use PPC (pay per click).

PPC will help move you listing to the top of the search engines very quickly. You do this by paying or bidding on relevant keywords.

Connecting With Your Customers

When making your transition from print to online marketing you will find that online advertising is the ultimate low cost way to connect with your customers and surfers when they are searching for your service or product.

Being able to put your business in front of potential customers at the precise moment they are searching for what you sell is priceless!

Once your site is optimized you can also advertise on networks like backpage.com These sites can generate lots of leads while increasing the traffic to your site.

For more information on online marketing and generating even more traffic go to SEM Keywords and Traffic

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