Advantages of
Online Advertising

 When Print No

Longer Works

You’ve placed another ad in your local paper. You may have even purchased a bigger ad than usual just to make sure your ad will be seen. Yet, unfortunately, no one is calling.You know it is time to start looking at online marketing. But, for some reason you are still not marketing online or even considering it!


Advertising today is more than just placing an ad in the paper and waiting for the phone to ring. You have to be in control of your advertising. You have to know what is working for you and what is not and be willing to make changes.

Affordable SEM, SEO and digital marketing is what is needed today. Traditional advertising mediums such as print, TV and radio are not working as well as they use to.

Because of this, business is slow and you need to bring in new customers. If traditional advertising mediums are not working, believe it or not, there are things you can do to change that.

One thing you can do is to start marketing online with Social Media and SEM. As a print and digital advertising sales person this site is designed to help you set up your preliminary online campaigns. We will assist you with your change over from print to advertising and marketing online.

Where Did My Customers Go?

One important thing you should always keep in mind: Today, your customer is not only looking for you in her daily or local paper. She is also searching for you on Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you want to reach your customer while increasing your bottom line you should be on these sites too.

One of the easiest ways to start your internet marketing campaign is to start placing ads on the website of your local daily or weekly newspapers and local advertising networks.

Go to the paper’s website and browse around. If there is not an option to place a digital ad call the paper, they will be more than happy to help you.

Usually if you place a print ad you'll get a free online ad. Since you already know print is not working for you right now, you can save some money and by pass the print option. Go to one of the free online directories and place the ad yourself, it’s free

Reposting, Free and Sponsor Ads

If there is an option to "Repost" or to place a "Sponsor or Featured Ad" do that. There maybe a very small charge to do this. Pay it! It is well worth it!

You may not know it, but, when you place a text ad online as soon as you finish placing the ad it starts filtering down to the bottom of the page. "Reposting" places your ad back on top every few hours or days.

The "Sponsor or Featured Ad" option highlights and places your ad in a special position. (Usually on the top of the page or on the right side of the page). Viewers tend to view these ads first.

If you have a website make sure you add your URL to the ad, along with your email address or phone number. And, make sure you check and respond to those emails!

There are lots of Free Directories and free local websites such as, Craig's List, and Kijii etc.

Even though these ads are free or very, inexpensive take the time to tweak your ad. Don’t just place the ad and leave it. If it's not getting a good response revise it. Test different wording.

Once you start getting a response to your ads, and you will, you might want to look into PPC (Pay Per Click ads).

Local Online Marketing

If your service is local, do not place ads on National Directories unless there is a local option. You do not want to get calls from Chicago if you are a local contractor in NY.

Posting On Forums

is a good way to advertise your business. Most forums do not want you to advertise however when you post a comment you can sometimes put a link to your business website in your signature file. Check out the rules for every site you post to.

Submitting Articles

is a great way to get long term free advertising. This is a slow, but highly effective method of advertising. Submitting articles involves writing articles on subjects that are relevant to the topics on your website. There are various online directories you can submit your articles to.

Free Directory Systems 

There are many free directories that you can post on. Just make sure if your product or service is local that they have local sites for you to list on.

Claim Your Listings!!

Last, but not least, whenever you see your company name in a listing with a “Claim Your Listing” button, please claim and update your listing. These are the citations that you've been hearing so much about.

Please come back often as we will be adding more tips and techniques on

Please feel free to share your Online Advertising & Marketing Tips with us anytime.

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