The Importance of Keywords and How
To Utilize Them

I recently went to an Internet Marketing meet up and met Audrey, a blogger with a site on mental health issues.  She said she has been getting great traffic and was looking for some monitization ideas.

You must be using some great keywords I said “Keywords? What is that, she asked? I just write on whatever topic that comes up”.  

That’s interesting I thought. Even without knowing it she is using keywords in her content and getting great traffic because of it. Imagine how much more traffic she  could be getting if she did know about keywords and how to use them.

After speaking with Audrey I started wondering how many other SMBs are blogging or building websites without knowing the importance or relevance of using keywords. Or even know how important keyword optimization is when writing content.

If your site is getting traffic and generating leads now, once you start using and including keywords and long tail keywords in your content you won’t believe the increase in traffic you will begin receiving.

If you are not receiving any traffic to your blog or website you will soon see the difference that using and optimizing the correct keywords will make.

What Are Keywords?
And How Do I Get One?

Keywords are the words that surfers use when they are searching for your service or product. It can consist of one word or more. When your keyword is also part of a phrase it’s called a long-trail keyword.  For instance, “Flatbush 24 Hour Plumber” is a “long-tail keyword”.

Let’s say you are a contractor. What words do you think Ms. Jones, a potential client, would likely enter into the Google search box when she’s looking for a contractor? 

  • Contractor?
  • Roofing contractor?
  • Licensed contractor?
  • Brooklyn Roofing contractor?
  • Brooklyn Licensed contract

These are only a few of the many choices your customer has today. Whatever keywords she uses you will want to be using them also in your blog or website.

When you begin doing this, eventually your information will begin showing up on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.  When your customer starts searching, you want to be there to answer her query. This is only the first step to making that happen.

You want to use your keywords throughout the blog or website. Not the same words over and over but use similar words so the bots and spyders can find you and know what your site is about. Why you ask?

Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, when you are adding content to your site and blog you are also writing so that the search engines, Google bots and spyders can find you and know what your site is about. The better the bots can understand what your site is about the quicker they can start serving your site up when a query is entered.

Keyword Research
Tools You Can Use

I’m sure you are probably asking "how do I know which keywords to use"? I am happy to tell you there are lots of free tools you can use to help you determine which is the best word to use.

 For instance, Google has a tool, called the Google Keyword Tool. You can enter what you think is the keyword surfers may use to find you, Google will come back with that word and quite a few other words that people are actually using when searching for your service.

Google will also do a keyword analysis and let you know exactly how many people are searching for that keyword and how much that word is worth.  

Both keyword research and keyword analysis is needed when you are trying to determine the best words to use when blogging or when building your website.

You want to make sure you are using words that will help you get to the first pg of Google organically. You will want to analysis the numbers you get back from your keyword research, keeping in mind that the more surfers who are looking for your service the better. 

The SEOBook also has a keyword suggestion tool that is powered by WordTracker. You have to register in order to use the free tool but it is well worth it for the wealth of information you are going to get from the SEOBook.

SEMRush has a tool which will fetch you data on your competitors! You can get the top 10 keywords your competitors are using to drive traffic to their site.

Website Magazine recently had an article that listed the top 20 Free Keyword Tools.  Check it out when you get a chance and let us know which tool works best for you.

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