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According to a Search Engine Land article, a recent Pew research study showed that more than 58% of US consumers are letting their fingers do the walking when it comes to local search engine marketing

Whatever the service, plumber, dry cleaners, nearest grocery store. Whatever the need, the research begins online. Which is why all local small businesses need to be online.

When your customers and potential customers start searching, you want your local business listing to appear, not your competitors!


Integrating Your

Marketing Mix

As an Integrated Print and Internet Marketing Consultant my clients are local SMBs. I am still surprised when I speak with a client and they are still not online and don't even want to discuss how to get online!

A few of my clients have told me that they feel over-whelmed and have no idea of where to start. Hopefully, this site, will help you to at least stick your toe, however tentatively, into the local online marketing pool.

Come in, just look around and try a few of the suggestions. The worst that can happen is that you will increase traffic to your site while finding out that local search engine marketing is not as scary as you thought. It really isn't you know, it is just very time consuming.

All Businesses Should

Have An Online Listing

Consumers are using the search engines to do their comparison shopping, to find out where you are located, your hours of operation and more.

This is why today more than ever even if you own a local hardware or grocery store you need to be online.

Neighborhoods are changing with people moving in and out everyday. No longer is a walk around the neighborhood necessary to see which stores are where.

If you are not listed or advertising on the various local search engines, business directories etc you are missing a ton of business!

The good news however is that whether you have a website or not, you can still be online. The search engines have made it so much more easier for local businesses to be to be listed online today.

Let us know if these small business local online marketing tips help. Share with us your online marketing tips. What has worked for you? What are you doing to keep your name out in front of your customers?

Above all, let us know if you need help. Would you rather a professional just do it for you? Contact us with your name, web and email address and we will review your site and be in touch.

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