9 Local Search Engine Optimization Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

When you hear the words Local Search Engine Optimization I am sure your eyes start to glaze over and you just shut down.

You really shouldn't, you know, search engine optimization isn't just one thing. It is many little things that you can do to optimize your site. It can be something as simple as:

  • Claiming, updating and modifying your listings
  • Even if you don't have a website just claiming your online listing on as many online sites and business directories as possible will help tremendously when you are trying to optimize and dominate the search engines
  • When you are browsing online and you run into sites that are relevant and offer free online listings check to see if your company is listed. * If your company is listed, make sure your information is correct.
  • If you are not listed, claim or place a listing for your company.
  • Always make sure that your listings are up-to-date and similar across the board
  • By optimizing your business profile and by using relevant keywords and keyword modifiers such as:
  • Brooklyn Dentist* Upper Eastside Cosmetic Dentistry* Manhattan Plastic Surgeon etc
  • you are helping your site to achieve maximum visibility across the board. * Don't forget to be consistent with your online listing information.
  • If you have a website don't forget to include your URL so your listing will be linked to your site.
  • If you don't have a website include your phone number and your email address on your listings.

Dominating The

Search Engines

When you do a general search for a plumber or whatever your services are, and you begin to see your listing more than 2 or 3x on the first page, that’s a beautiful thing! You are now beginning to “dominate the search engines“

When this happens, your site is being optimized and you are effectively locking out your competition from the first few natural listings.

Imagine how much faith and credibility your customer will have in you and your business after seeing your online listings every time she does a search for your services. If you add and continue to add videos, text links, content, mobile and a variety of other methods you will begin to see a gradual increase in visitors to your site.

The more visitors you generate to your site, the more chances you have of converting those visitors into customers.

Add New Content Periodically

Also, once you start setting up your listing you can’t just leave them. You should keep adding new content periodically. Yes, I too, will try to do better in that department.

The more free and paid local advertising directories your business is listed on the better.

These online listings will generate traffic to your website and calls to your business. And, as you know, the more traffic and calls you get the more chance you will have of converting that traffic into customers.

There is, of course, much more to optimizing your site, these few tips will at least get you started feeling comfortable working on and thinking about your site. If you need help just drop us an email or give us a call at 718-284-3730. Leave your name, number, website and email address. We will review your website and give you call.

What has worked for you with your online marketing? Please share your Online Advertising & Marketing Tips with us.

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