Effective Online
Advertising Tips

There are many ways to track the effectiveness of online advertising. One way is to place PPC (Pay per click) ads. These ads help increase the targeted traffic to your website very quickly.

PPC ads are great if you know how to use the service. They can also be very expensive if you do not know what you are doing since you have to choose and bid on relevant keywords.

Free Is Good

Placing your ads on as many free, relevant advertising networks and local websites and search engines as possible is a great way to increase website traffic and generate leads.

Free, makes online advertising extremely affordable! When you are first starting out this is the best and least expensive way to go.

Once you see your ads are generating a response you should upgrade to a sponsor ad. The charge for a sponsor ad could be less than a dollar. It is definitely worth inquiring about.

Determine the Action

You Want

When you set up your website one of the main things you need to determine is what do you want your customers to do when they come to your site. Is your site for information only? Are you selling a product?

Once you determine the action you want your customer to take, you will be better able to determine the ROI (return on investment) and the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns.

Who Is Visiting Your Site?

Once your site is set up, link to Google and apply for their Analytical report. This report helps you determine how many people are visiting your site, and how long they are staying. How many pages are being viewed and which keywords are generating traffic for you. It also lets you know the “bounce rate” or how quickly surfers are leaving your site.

This is valuable information that you can use immediately to make changes. With Google Analytical reports, determining the effectiveness of your online advertising campaign will become much easier indeed.

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