Online Advertising Prices

When it comes to online advertising pricing it is important to know that there are no set guidelines. You have to do your due diligence and research different sites, products etc.

Online advertising pricing can vary according to the number of page views and the effectiveness of the site you are advertising on. The more unique visitors you have and the better the response, the higher the cost.

Online network or directory advertising can be free for text ads or can cost as little as $1.00 for sponsor ads.

How much to budget for advertising varies depending on what your goals are and the price you are willing to pay.

The more traffic you can bring to your site through organic or paid search advertising, the greater chance you will have of converting some of the visitors into buyers.

The more research you do the more you will get out of your online advertising investment.

Tips for Advertising on the

Website of Your Local

Community Newspapers

Even though online advertising is fast becoming one of the most effective ways of advertising today, another source you might want to consider is advertising on your local community newspaper’s website.

Any company that wishes to increase its sales should take advantage of the various online products available including network and directory advertising.

With an effective online ad your sales can be much higher and the results better than usual.

Local community newspapers now have many new internet advertising campaigns and solutions to help you grow your business.

Visit the site of your local community publications often. Look around and become familiar with the sites and the offers available.

Look at the ads as they rotate. See how little text most of the ads have? The reason for this is that the objective of the ad is to get your customer to your website – that is where you want to tell your story.

Contact your print sales rep to see what new online products are available.

Newsletter Advertising

When you speak with your online sales person find out if they have newsletters which emailed to their subscribers. You will need to know which ad size works best for your product or service.

For instance, if you have a restaurant and there is a restaurant newsletter you definitely want to have your ad there.

If you have a moving company or if you are a plumber and there is a general interest newsletter you should definately have an ad on that newsletter. You are still reaching your customers, those who are reading the papers online instead of in print.

In addition, when placing ads on newsletters inquire if the cost is based on ad positioning. For some publications, the lower the ad is placed on the newsletter, the lower the cost.You don't want to be too far below the fold.

There is a catch-22 here -- the lower the ad positioning, the less chance you have of the ad being seen try to get mid-point / above the fold.

Remnant Rates

Also, ask about remnant rates for the newsletters. Remnant rates are very deep discounted rates available when the newsletter is close to the release date and the advertising space has not been sold. You could possibly get the ad space for more than half off!

What online advertising practices have you found to work for you? Please feel free to email us your Affordable Online Advertising & Marketing Tips. Let us know what is working for you. Leaving Online Advertising Prices and going to Affordable SEM SEO Advertising Tips

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